Brand Partners

We’re grateful for our industry partners for supporting AWE participants with the highest quality mountaineering gear. We partner with LOWA Boots for footwear, LEKI USA for trekking poles, SheFly for attire, GU Energy Labs and Backpacker’s Pantry for nutrition, and Nite Ize for accessories, as well as the Uphill Athlete for mountaineering training plans.

We also partner with Global Rescue, our trusted source for rescue insurance and travel protection. Global Rescue is an industry leader, providing medical and security advisory and evacuation services to travelers around the world. Global Rescue offers field rescue from the point of your injury or illness.
With operations centers staffed 24/7/365 by experienced personnel, when you call Global Rescue you
speak to a real person on the first call to get you the help you need.

By choosing to climb with AWExpeditions, you may receive discounts to some or all of the above brands.

We are also proud to be the sister organization to the AWE Summit Scholarship Foundation 501(c)(3), a non-profit dedicated to supporting women in the big mountains. A special thanks to The Cairn Project, Nite Ize and LOWA for being sustaining sponsors for the Summit Scholarship Program, which has awarded more than $50,000 in mountaineering stipends to over a dozen women since its inception in 2019. To find out more and apply, visit

AWE donates 10% of the profits from any AWExpeditions climb or adventure to the Summit Scholarship Foundation in order to create more women’s mountaineering & adventure scholarships.