How AWE is Different

AWE organizes mountaineering and remote adventures for women, by women.

Our Values

Here at AWE we are about more than getting to the top. Sure, summits matter – but what’s even more important is how you get there. When you sign up for an AWE-some adventure, expect to feel welcome and supported. At AWE, you don’t have to prove that you belong – we’re all in this together.

This is our Value Statement

At AWExpeditions, we work together. We lift one another up. Our shared experiences transcend individual pursuits, fostering an open-minded culture of curiosity and learning where the mountain dictates our journey’s pace. We show up for ourselves and for our teammates when things get difficult. We are prepared and flexible.

We are a community founded on mutual support, embracing difficulty and challenge with grace. Recognizing that grand adventures sometimes bring pressure and friction, we calmly seek solutions that benefit all. Offering understanding and seeking support, we ensure our challenges don’t overshadow the team’s collective spirit. Our resolve lies in positivity and mindfulness. We listen to one another, and we find strength in togetherness.

We are open, honest, and sincere. We embody positivity, camaraderie, individual accountability, commitment, and self care.

Diversity is our strength, guiding us to approach our teammates, guides, staff, and local partners with unwavering respect and curiosity.

Our desire to create a safe space for everyone is at the heart of what we do.

This is what we stand for

  • Safety
  • Empowerment
  • Inclusion and equity
  • Community
  • Fair & ethical treatment of staff
  • Ethical treatment of working animals
  • Care for the environment
  • Compliance with local rules and regulations

And what does this all mean in practice?

AWE provides an environment that is focused on skill-building, sound decision-making and supportive team dynamics. That’s why our teams are on the smaller side (often in the 3-6 climber range, but never larger than 10) and our itineraries balance the desire to cover ground with sufficient time for exploration and acclimatization, as well as skills practice where needed.

Pre-expedition support includes comprehensive gear lists, training recommendations, and of course a detailed description of each trip’s logistics and on-mountain itinerary.

Climbing and adventuring with AWE means this: instead of merely welcoming you during gear check and then focusing exclusively on leading you on the trail or mountain in conjunction with our local guide partners, AWE provides an end-to-end experience. We put great care into assembling our all-women teams and building community amongst our participants and guides, because big adventure is about so much more than ‘just’ getting to the summit or finishing a trek. That’s why every AWExpeditions adventure begins and ends with a team dinner, and includes a night in town both before and after your time on the mountain or trail. It’s why our teams are small and handpicked, and why we carefully vet our local outfitter & guide partners.

Success in our book: to have you walk away from any AWE trip having made new friends, memories for a lifetime, and feeling one step closer towards self-sufficiency in the mountains and the backcountry.

And because we care about making the mountains more accessible to women from all walks of life, we donate 10% of the net profits from any AWE expedition or adventure to our sister organization, the AWE Summit Scholarship Foundation.

What our alumnae say

‘Every part of my experience with AWE was incredible. The guides were encouraging, skillful, and are phenomenal people. Sunny does such a fantastic job bringing women from diverse backgrounds together and creating an inclusive, exciting, and supportive environment that only makes you want to get outside in the mountains and climb some more! I joined AWE for the first time as a participant/hiker on Mt Baker in Washington, and was met with open arms by Sunny, the guides, and the other woman who quickly became friends and fellow team members. I never felt nervous around others with AWE or like I had to prove myself to climb mountains. I only ever felt supported by Sunny, her team, and inspired by all of the incredible things every woman was doing in their lives, both on and off the mountains. I’m new to the world of mountaineering, but AWE has totally changed the trajectory of my future endeavors in the mountains and I am itching to get out and climb with some rad women again, with AWE! I cannot recommend AWE enough!!’

Isabelle R
Isabelle R
Trip of a lifetime...what mountaineering should be! Attended Glacier Travel Course II + Mt Baker summit attempt with AWE expeditions in June 2024. This trip completely exceeded my expectations and is a memory I will cherish forever. A huge benefit is that AWE partners with local climbing guide services so that the team benefits from insider knowledge on routes and conditions, local gear shops, etc. The guides were world-class--they had so much experience in the mountains to share and also were incredible teachers, supporters, and mentors. Guides consistently went above and beyond to build community, make clients comfortable, and share knowledge. Every detail of the trip on and off the mountain was thoughtfully planned. I especially loved the team dinners before and after setting off for the expedition. You'll meet some incredible people (both clients and guides) with AWE and develop trust within your team. When you're pushing your physical and mental limits on the mountain, that trust is everything. With AWE you're not just another person being led up the mountain. You actually learn about mountaineering and form meaningful connections to people and place...this is what mountaineering should be and is not what you'd get with most guide services!!
Carly D
Carly D
Komo Kulshan/ Mt. Baker Glacier School II I could not have asked for a better experience. The combined knowledge, empathy, and understanding of all of the guides on my climb made our Mt. Baker summit all that more special. Being given the opportunity to learn from such a talented all-womens team is something I will hold close to my heart forever.
Leann W
Leann W
Amazing woman’s guide team! Just finished a Komo Kulshan trip with AWExpeditions. I could not have picked a better guide service. Sunny Stroeer, Kat Schaumburg and Dani Rudinsky all did an amazing job. I walked away with all the knowledge, skills and respect for the mountains I needed to continue my Mountaineering adventures. The fact that it is an all women owned and opporated company was a deal breaker for me. Don’t think about it for a year like I did! Sign up today. I promise you will not regret it!
Karlene H
Karlene H
Special Gem for an all women's pilgrimage The Paria Canyon was a great backpacking experience through stunning scenery. Our guide Andrea was a genuine outdoor professional. She made it easy going along the way for the group and I could tell she spent time off the trail to make sure we had the best experience while on the trail. Although I was an experienced hiker, including a solo Rim2Rim2Rim of the Grand Canyon, this was my first guided hike. The trip is well organized all around, which gave me peace of mind without all the stress of planning every piece of a trip like this. I was able to just be present every step of the hike and enjoy meeting like-minded women. It was great to be in such a special place with limited people. We did not come across anyone the last two days.
Jim D
Jim D
2 night, 3 day adventure of a lifetime with fantastic views of the Grand Canyon AWE's Rim to Rim Grand Canyon expedition was AMAZING! More than I could have expected, both from the guides and from myself. The views were incredible, and the camaraderie was fantastic. If you want to challenge yourself, whether you've backpacked before or not, this is a great once in a lifetime trip. I would challenge you to consider it. Train, because you'll need to, but the more prepared you are, the more you'll enjoy it.
Carrie W
Carrie W
Grand Canyon rim to rim tour This trip was epic! I had been looking forward to completing a rim to rim hike of the Grand Canyon for a long time. This trip with awexpeditions exceeded my expectations! The guides were professional, fun and knowledgeable. I recommend them 100%
Shannon K
Shannon K
AWE is Awesome!! We just finished the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim hike with our guides, Andrea and Nathalie (amazing ladies and awesome guides). This was an EPIC experience and one I would highly recommend to any woman who is looking for fun, camaraderie, adventure and personal challenge. The pre trip communications regarding training, gear, and what to expect were spot on. I felt like I was completely prepared for this and would love to travel with AWExpeditions on future adventures. P.S. The camp cooked food was awesome! Not a freeze-dried meal in site!!
Australia's Mount Kosciusko and Alpine Academy It's with great pleasure to write a review for AWExpeditions. I just returned from Australia on my second AWE epic adventure. Sunny and her team at AWE focus on attention to detail, prompt communication, and everything involved for international travel. I can't say enough about the knowledge and expertise in and out of the mountains that Sunny possess. This trip was exceptional because the local guide company that Sunny partnered with was also stellar. But also the group of ladies I had the honor of sharing this experience were amazing. It was as if I hand picked my besties and went mountaineering together. This was not only a trip to summit the highest peak in Australia but also I learned skills to prepare me for Alpine adventures. I can honestly say that I'm making my way towards all the adventures AWE has to offer.
Amy C
Amy C
Salkantay Trek w/ AWE I’ve never gone on a guided trip before (I typically venture solo) but wanted the additional safety and peace of mind for travel to South America since I know minimally passable Spanish. Sunny and AWE did an incredible job of making sure we were all set in terms of safety, gear, lodging, plans, local guide, cultural tours, etc and were extremely knowledgeable and capable outdoorswomen for every situation (altitude sickness, upset stomach, bulls in the trail, heat/blisters/injury). I ended up loving the trek and meeting everyone on the team - life changing trip! Highly recommend.
Awesombroso tiempo!! The Salkantay Trail was amazing. The trip was very well planned and organized! Thank you Sunny with Awe for making this happen. Shout out to Sonia (local guide extrodinare) Sunny and Sonia make an AWEsome team and I look forward to seeing what other trips they have to offer!