High Camp Adventures

Mountaineering is a journey. We realize that you don’t just wake up one day ready to climb Denali, just because you want to. It takes time and experience to develop the requisite skills to move efficiently and safely through varying terrain and conditions at high altitude. That’s why we at AWE offer everything from Stepping Stone Experiences to Peak Expeditions.

High Camp Adventures are AWE’s advanced-level mountaineering courses and ‘easy’ extreme altitude expeditions such as Mt Kilimanjaro or Elbrus. In this category you’ll find 5- to 14-day adventures that are best suited for those who have previous experience with endurance endeavors and backpacking.

Take a look below for our current offering of High Camp Adventures and come join us for an adventure!

Ishinca & Tocllaraju

July 14-28, 2024 | July 13-27, 2025

Nepal 3 Passes to Everest

November 3-26, 2024